Saturday, 10 October 2015

I was once a child....

Lost in driving the car.....

I was once upon a child who smiled and played around with great innocence. My happiness was limited to an ice cream or a ride of peacock train in my favorite park or eating bhelpuri from a footpath stall. For me then spending 10 rupees was a great task. Those days I would become very happy  when I would get a rupee to buy toffee as my commission for going to the shop for my mother.

Today I have lost that child in me who thought everything is possible. That child even thought to have 300 rupees in his piggy bank was a great sum of money. That child felt proud owning a hero cycle. For him, the world was limited to his home and school. The only people about whom he was worried was his friends and parents.  What would the rest of the world think about him never worried him? His fight with his friends lasted only till he gets  a chance to bat. His anger on parents use to end on an ice cream. For him, ego was just a word in the dictionary. He uses to ask questions about things around him without any hesitation.

I was once a child who loved watching Tom and Jerry than watching "Avengers". For me then being an astronaut was just a possible thing.

Everything was going very smoothly till the system or a trend or a thought of so-called "BEING MATURE" came.

That thought did change my life. It changed me to a different human being. This person never found the happiness of a peacock train ride or having an ice cream. He always wanted more and more from life. He was never satisfied. He always  thought about what would world think if he did something. How would people judge him.? All these thoughts made the things become impossible, which for him were once easy. He forgot to laugh and smile with innocence.

He was busier in setting up a career than being happy and doing what he liked the most.Being practical and matured has taken away the child inside me. That child liked colors and was more adventurous and creative.

I do not know when I would be meeting that child again, but for sure I will find him out. I miss my "CHILDISHNESS"...