Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Logh kya kahenghe

The feeling of "log kya kahenge" is the biggest barrier that a common man in India has to face before doing anything. Great ideas to start a good enterprise or to do something better for the society is always stopped by this feeling.
Many talents in India die only because of these three words. To break this barrier is the toughest task. Even if the person sets out without bothering about this, then his parents and relatives will come along telling the same sutra.
When a middle-class guy decides to take up dancing or photography as a  profession then the parents come in the picture saying " log kya bolenge, dekho Sharmaji ka beta science lekar abroad mein padh  raha hai, usse kuch sikho."
There dies a talents...
His parents does not let him  explore the world and find what he really is or what he could be.
" Agar padhoge nahi tho engineer kaise banoge, TCS ya Infosys mein job kaise milegi, kon ladakhi dega tumhe..."
This is a common Indian middle class parent's dialect.
If your parents let you do what you really want to do, there comes a great army of relatives.
This goes on....and talents are murdered everyday.
Our parents let be Steve Jobs or Bill Gates.....but can they be like their parents who let them do what they really wanted to do.
During class X they told us, " Study hard now, you will get science in Class XI and XII"
During Class XI " Study hard now you will get an engineering seat and life will be settled."
And now they repeat the same stuff.
So I have finally come to the conclusion, let me not hear them anymore and set out to do what I feel is right.
As Varun Agarwal said " Don't think....."
Thinking always made me fail and feel sad because I never loved what I did.
On a small note from a speech of Steve Jobs ending my words

"To do great work, love what you do. And if you have not found what you love keep looking...."